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All my boas were bought as "strike feeders" I viewed every single one before i bought them, made sure they looked in good health, checked for burns, checked they were a good size for the age, asked to see feeding records, shed records and poop records - A good reptile shop usually stock all of this!!

Going on what's written above its all really good information!! And yes every snake is different! Even though I bought mine as "strike feeders" I have a couple which prefer to eat in private so I leave there food by their hides over night, some are nutters when it comes to feeding! I have one who is gentle as anything when it comes to eating, won't strike the rat from the tongs...prefers to take it in her mouth and retreat back to her hide where it gets devoured...even if i wiggle the rat abit to make it seem as if its alive its no different she will take it gently and retreat...I think she has worked out the food is dead lol. Don't get me wrong she loves her grub and is currently about 6.5foot at 2years old and she is my little angel!!!!
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