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Thank you and thank you. I will do some internet research on the poweraid bath as I haven't heard of it. Most of what I have provided him comes from what I've found through various resources on the internet.
I will also be immediately re-posting this and contacting Gregg M, thank you very much for referencing those, though and thank you for the response.

We live in a little town with one pet shop whose UV lights are either too strong or too expensive(60 dollars and we've got but 30 in our pocket). At night, the temperature ranges anywhere from 65-70 Fahrenheit. The days, once the tank heads up, are mid-eighties to 90.

Alrighty, I'm off to post there and contact Gregg M. Thank you for your response, regardless of if you consider it "inadequate". There aren't many reptile keepers to consult in this town and the one I wanted to consult yesterday(one of the pet store owners) was not in.
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