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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
If you want to house 2 Leos, you simply need 2 lots of equipment. It's best to keep them alone, except for breeding.

The other thing that I would add is that it has been shown that Leopard Geckos are extremely efficient at using UV light, which is important for them to process calcium via vitamin D3. I would strongly advise that you use a UV light on a timer for Leopard Geckos. Normal sunlight is a great source of UV, but it is blocked by glass, so even on a bright summer day, a UV light is useful.
Thanks do I fit it inside the viv or on the outside I.e top this what I mean all confusing, beardie was easy lol. Also it's for two female Leos out of the same litter hopefully won't be a problem if there is then yeah will have to get a second viv
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