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Just a quick post to say thanks to you all for your advice regarding my new beardie Bernard and his utter dislike of veg.

I've had him two weeks now and he's doing fabulous with me. He's grown 1cm in length and is healthy and happy. He loves his insects (especially locusts!) but is still avoiding veg. I'm feeding his live food veg too, as well as bug grub so they're well gut loaded.

We're in a routine now and I've spent lots of money putting his viv right. It was a completely bizarre set up when I got him but he's got a good temperature gradient now

I'm thrilled to be a dragon owner and so pleased with how he's settled in and his progress so far and this forum has been pivotal in providing advice and help

From one very happy beardie owner
(pics of Bernard on my twitter page @biscuitsncheese)
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