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Originally Posted by Alasse12 View Post
Is it? You pay 1 each for chicks then? You're being ripped off, big time! A bag of 50 should cost no more than around a fiver, depending on where you get them. Three quid for three chicks?! That's why your bill is so high.
no but i buy six chicks a time thats 3 at 50p each, and to be honest even if it was a quid a chick that hardly makes any difference to the cost it would be what an extra 12 quid a month for chicks, hardly puts the bill up much, the rest of it is what costs as any bosc keeper will tell you, if i just kept leos etc then yes it would cost alot less, but i dont and wouldnt to be honest with you,not that theres anything wrong with that type of lizard just dont interest me.
also my bosc isnt the only rep i have that enjoys the occasional chick that why i buy 6 a week. And if i do overpay alittle on the chicks then it still dont matter much to the cost per month, as its not their cost that makes it so much.
the more i learn about people, the more i love my reps.

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