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Originally Posted by Alasse12 View Post
I don't order tubs. I order 100-200 adult locusts and 500-1000 crickets from livefoods as and when. I also breed roaches and gals. I don't adhere to exact quantities when feeding, nor do I feed on the same days each week. I find that a lot of keepers tend to panic if a lizard doesn't eat every single day of its life. There is the possibility of overfeeding to consider, too.

is this just for your bosc as mine would demolish this lot in a week or just over, i breed dubais for m ine as well, and will be doing my own mice as well as soon as i source some. Mine eats everyday ad would eatmore in a day if i let him and hes not overweight or even starting to look fat,hes very lean and muscular.
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