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I would go with, look up what snakes you like, do your research and get that.

My first snake was 2 corns. I didn't like them too much, too small and escape artists.

Swapped them for a Royal, haven't had any problems with him since I got him. Much bigger so is less likely to escape.

My second snake was going to be a burm, until I have had problems with last two I tried to have (none of which were my fault).

So now I am doing some conversions and getting two Amazon Tree Boas.

It's all down to preference and what you like.

Finally back into keeping reptiles, I've missed them a great deal but now I'm back on my feet and supporting myself properly. I've decided to get back to it.

Currently owns:

1.0.0 - Hognose
1.0.0 - Albino Burmese
0.1.0 - Granite Burmese


0.1.1 - Albino Reticulated Python
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