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Everybody has given good advice. Thankfully all my snakes except my hognose are/were strike feeders. With the hoggy you just leave the food in the viv and he'll come out at night and eat it at his own pace.

Personally I love snakes strike feeding as it is more natural and you can't beat the buzz of a massive boa lunging out of a box at you to grab the rat!!!

If you don't wanna get bitten in the viv feed your snake in a separate box. Thats what we did, then they don't associate your hands in the viv with food. Worked for me! Plus it gives you chance to give the viv a quick clean out whilst the snake is eating. You shouldn't handle them for a while after eating and try lift the box and let them move themselves back into the viv. If you handle too soon after feeding they can regurgitate! And thats minging.
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