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Talking Horsefield tortoise newbie! Help?

im looking into getting a horsefield tortoise iv been researching and been into my local exotic animal shop, the cutie is 100 which i would gladly pay although the woman behind the counter said she would rather sell me him with the full setup? for 300 which will include the tortoise table and an all in one basking and heat lamp, its a great deal but i was hoping to design my own set up (my dads a joiner) i asked how much the heat lamp would be and she said 60 but never told me the ins and outs?! id rather look around the internet to see if i can get a better deal but i dont no what bulb il need what heat or whatever and most info websites seem to have different answers? so more info or links would be great? but if i have to pay 60 i will because at the end of the day he needs it

what will i put in my set up?

in the shop he is currently got wood chips? and a log for shade but i want to get different plants and things for him what would be better to put on the floor? what kind of plants can i put in with him

as i have said iv done alot of research into it and know what i should and shouldnt feed him but is there anything you give your tortoises for a treat?
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