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Originally Posted by Diane Minxy Minx View Post
Hi we recently got our firrst Geko, Larry. we got him from a reputable breeder and the guy we got him from is a friend and says all seems well. Some general care advice would be good tho because I don,t want to be constantly phoning my friend for advice. I was wondering if it is normal for Larry to stay in his moist hide all day long, and we have a thermometer at the cool end of the tank which reads between 78 - 81 degrees, do I need to get another thermometer for the warm side to check it is warm enough. also is there any way of telling when they are ready to shed and if so how. We have the heat mat on the gorund with a 60 watt bulb above it, is this the correct set up. Also we have genuine sterilised play sand as a substrate, should I consider changing this for somethin different.
Thanks in advance for any help given
What kind of gecko is larry?

You should have a digital thermometer in the hot end too. If you tell me what he is I can tell you what you need
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