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Firstly...take a look at this link and read it right through as it will be very helpful to you. It will tell you exactly how your basic leo viv should be set up/where all the bits and bobs i.e thermometers/stat probes etc go.

It is a basic set up and you can add decorations/plants/things to climb all over - when you have everything in order.
You will need a digi thermometer in contact with the heat mat at the hot end to take the correct temps. Around 32-34c is preferable. You need a thermostat to control and maintain these temps so the leo keeps at the right temp and doesnt get cold or overheat (and get ill either way)
Digital thermometers give accurate readings but the round stick on analogue dials....dont. Is it a heat mat youre using? only asking as leos need belly heat and not overhead heating from a bulb or light.

What substrate are you using? How often do you feed etc?

My leos all spend time in their moist hides but are also in and out of their other hides throughout the day....maybe larrys too hot/cold as your temps will be off most likely as you say you only have a thermometer in the cool end?
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