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Default beardie setup help please

Hi I am trying to settle down my first beardie I dont have a name yet as I cant think of one just yet. I have a 5 month old in a 4ft viv. I bbought this as a full setup from a reputable lizard dealer in sheffield. i have a Uv light and a 100w basking lamp and a thermostat added.

I have the basking end of the viv at 88 degrees F and and the cool end is 70 degrees F. The basking spot is 113 f. are these temps ok? The reason is She spends alot of time sat on her log on the cool side rather than basking. I also dont seem to be able to control the temperature very well with the thermostat which is a microclimate b1me the probe is on the side of the viv half way down stuck to the wall . it is 8 inches away from heat source. I fine tweak to try and get the temps lower to no avail?

My beardie does look happy and is eating but since ive had him/her i have only seen 1 poop but only been with me since friday .

how often do i need to bath also

any advice would be gratefull or am i doing the right thing already?
Mick Wilson
The Beardie With no name
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