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Temperatures sound fine but each beardy is individual when it comes to heating. Beardies should only bask for 5-10mins at a time, then go off and do their own thing. If she's not basking at all I would turn the temperatures down a little.

Thermostat wise it may be the position of the probe. Put it closer to the hot end and see if it dims the bulb. What thermometers are you using?

If she's eating and pooing then that's a good sign

Beardies don't always poo often, make sure that she's getting plenty of hydration through veg and gut loading the bugs. That should help to stop any constipation.

Bathing is a personal preference thing. Personally I would only bathe a beardy during a tough shed or if they look dehydrated (wrinkled skin, sunken eyes), but many people bathe there's every week or so.
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