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Originally Posted by King Macs 09 View Post
Hi Artisan,

He has not shed while with me but when i got him there was a small amount of shed under his water bowl and the person that sold him to me was not forward in giving answers like i said gumtree for you.

So would giving him a bath and then putting vasoline on help or just vasoline twice a day and leave it at that ?

Many thanks
Well it looks like an eyecap then. Not to worry. They will only cause damage if they retain one ontop of the other over a period of time or if they get infected. Easily sorted

The bath wont do much as i doubt he's going to sit with his head under water until it falls off
I would dab the vaseline on morning/night and even mid day if you want to.
I've never had to put it on for more then 2 days before they have come off (you dont find just see a brighter eyed snake)
I'm assuming its just the one cap and this should work fine for you if thats the case. 2 or more caps will probably be harder to shift but there are some other things you can try.
If the vaseline doesnt work (i find this really quick personally) then either come back on here or feel free to PM me if you want and ill tell you what else i would suggest trying.
Some people would tell you not to worry and it will probably come off with the next shed, but you may as well get rid of it if you can incase he keeps the next one on when he sheds and he ends up with 2 retained caps
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