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Default New leopard gecko advice

Hi people, just wonder if there is anything else I should be doing?

I recently got myself a juvie Leo and I am keeping him in a 18 x18 glass viv. He has two hiding spots, one which is fake rock placed over the heat mat and one hollow wood in the cooler side of the viv. Each end has its own thermometer to keep an eye on temp (hot end between 27-30 c and cool between 23-26).

I am using a heat mat (which is running constantly) and black heat lamp but I am also using a 14w uv lamp for about 4 hours a day. At night the temp drops to around 20-22 c. In the way of decorations there are some rocks from my garden (all washed, disinfected with my viv cleaner, rinsed and then oven baked) that I have built a little climbing area out of but they are all secure and won't fall.

Food wise I am feeding mealworms and medium brown crickets. I put the food items in a separate container and feed them fresh fruit and veg(whatever I have to hand) about 12 hours before gecko feeding time. They are also dusted with calcium powder. He is eating between 6-8 food items every other day. He has fresh water changed once a day and he is fed his food in a bowl.

I was just wondering if there was anything I should be doing or anything I am doing that I should change. As far as handling goes I haven't done much yet as he is only young and been in this viv for around 2weeks.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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