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Originally Posted by tremerz97 View Post
hi and . artisan has explained well. however you will need atleast a 2x1x1 vivarium when he/she is older. 18x18 may do. what supplement powder is it? ideally you want repashy calcium plus. im not going to repeat what artisan said
good luck, mike
Actually an 18x18 seems to have a larger area than a 24x12.

You seem to be using a lot of heat sources, make sure they're statted as it can quickly lead to overheating.

If he is a juvie I would expect him to be eating slightly more than that (although it depends on the size of the prey). Try feeding a variety as already mentioned.

I would also suggest that you don't keep a bowl of Repashy (or any supplement with D3) in all the time, it can lead to D3 overdose if they are attempting to self-supplement on the calcium. The bowl should contain calci-dust (or limestone flour).

Artisan has mentioned the rest.
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