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If you've only just got her then she's bound to feel a bit out of sorts with the change of scene/new sights and smells etc. Let her settle a few days then get her out. Sometimes you find that you will get a very placid snake out compared to what it was like a few days ago. Or she might still be nippy. One way to do this is to just take her out once a day for just a minute or two...just so she gets used to being picked up and put down knowing that nothing bads going to happen to her. Then extend the time you keep her out over the weeks until she is fully comfortable with you.
If she's a grown on/bigger boa you might want to wear gloves if you would rather do so and if she bites you....dont put her right back in...or this behaviour will be learnt and each time you get her out...she will think biting you will make you put her back in.
The majority of boas will calm down over time and become really chilled out animals. You do get the odd one that always has attitude...but most are docile by nature and with regular handling
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