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Default Beardie food advice

Hey guys.

I have a bit of a dilemma with Bernard my bearded dragon. I'm trying to get him into a routine to fit around my long hours but its tough going. If I put crickets in when he gets up, they're all still there hiding under rocks and his log in the evening and he's starving. This morning I put 10 locusts in with him knowing he loves them, will actively hunt them and they're a bit dappy. But when I got home and tried him on crickets, he wasn't interested and put himself to bed before his light went off.

Can he be fed soley on locusts? He can catch them and they don't bite if he doesn't get to them straight away. They are gut loaded both before they go in and they eat his uneaten veg when they're in his viv. (He doesn't eat veg either!!) Hes still a juvenile (6-7 months old).

Hope you can advise one worried Beardie owner :-/
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