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Originally Posted by skilzo View Post
Hi just new here but had my beardie for about a year and a half now and wanting to upgrade her viv but I don't know what size to go for?

Its either going to be 5 or 6 foot is bigger better? Is the depth of 2 foot ok or should I try and go bigger?

I have seen people making there own fake rocks really interested in doing that also so any help with that would be great

anything else I can add with might make it better would really help also thanks for any advice
Hey, My beardie is in a vivarium that is just under 5ft long and 2 foot deep its about 30cm high and shes very happy so I would say go for it. I make rocks and backgrounds so let me know what you need to know, there's loads of other guys here who do the same so they may comment at some point, also there are loads of instructional videos on youtube.
I was wondering though when you say you have a heat mat but you don't use it do you mean at night, I am presuming during the day you have a heat light to provide a basking spot and a UV light in your vivarium?
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