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Originally Posted by st3mar View Post
i'm going to pick a baby bearded dragon up today , still few things i need to know ,
should i feed it as soon as it's home ?
when i do feed it how many crickets do i feed it at a time ?
how much veg shall i put in there too ?

You want to keep stress and contact to a minimum. I'd suggest trying to feed but without causing stress. If you have locusts then you could leave a few in the viv with him, same goes for worms and most livefood. I wouldn't leave crickets in there though.

If you only have crickets available then try to feed later on today after he's had a short while to acclimatise and warm up. Try a couple at first and see if he's interested. If he is keep adding them. Try to be as quick as you can but quiet and subdued at the same time so not to disturb or threaten him. Have a fresh bowl of veg ready, you can keep that in there as soon as he goes in but I wouldn't have thought he'd been too interested as he's a baby in a new viv, provide it never the less.

One last thing, be patient, don't panic. It may well take a week or two or possibly longer before he fully settles, just leave him be as much as possible, don't force the issue.
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