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Originally Posted by leo666 View Post
hello iv just got a new corn snake 5 months old i just want a few tips on when and what to feed and when to take it out the little tank and in to its in to a viv. probs should be of fluff mice and evry 4-7 days, the size of prey will depend on the size of ur corn, it should be the same width of 1 n a half times of the size of ur corns mouth, I upgraded mine when he started to have to put his tail to side when he was fully stretched out and put 3 hides for security,

hes in the little tank atm iv got one third of the tank heated with the heat mat is that okay? that should be fine, the heat mat MUST have a thermostat to lower the risks of fire starting, and have at least one thermomitor measuring the heat,

and what happens if he doesnt eat? is it just mice he should eat or anything ealse? if he doesn't eat it could be a few reasons for example coming upto/in shed (some wont eat and some will depends on the individual), viv could be to hot, feels insecure etc etc,

please any tips and facts i need to know please tell me
I would use newspaper or kitchen paper towels till it's grown more so you do have the risk of the corn swallowing any bedding as it could cause inpaction(spelling?)

and maybe also lighting
snakes don't really need lighting, as long as you provide heat in some form or another you don't need a light for the snakes health lights more for you although depending on builb type you have thy do give heat of and should be on a thermostat also some people say uv light helps snakes in a way and ome don't, I don't really know what to believe about them.

enjoy ur corn here lovely to own I just got a breeding pair which ill be putting together soon.

answers in bald

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