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Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
1.5 the times of urs mouth!!!really I have been told many times it should be 1.5 the girth of ur snake!but a fluff sounds about right,have U got a stat on ur mat??
It CAN eat upto 1.5 times it girth, this doesnt neccearily mean that it should. Basically if you can see a slight bulge in the snakes body than your good if you cant i would try the next size up. If your unsure when movjng from pinky - fuzzy you can always try 2 pinkies to see how you get on. Dont assume that its time to move up just based on the age as just like ANY other animal including us each snake grows at his or her own pace not neccesarily the pace that is expected of them. As for moving yours to a new viv provided you have plenty of hides for him/her then you can move him/her whenever your happy although there are very mixed views on this i will say that you should be fine as you are until he/she reaches 12 months
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