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Hi folks, sorry about late reply. Yeah I have a moist hide, didn't know to put it half on/off the mat but by coincidence that was where it was anyway. I have also been and bought the multi vit that Matches my calc powder (Exo terra). I don't have a thermostat at the min but will purchase one soon.

I have the heat mat and bulb on timers and spent a week checking temps and changing times etc. I have raised the night temps as well. As for food he/she has started to eat really well. Will eat out of bowl hand or tongs. Just starting to handle in the viv for a couple of mins at a time. He is quite happy to crawl over my hand etc when I am cleaning the tank out. Got some locusts aswell although he seems to prefer the brown crickets now more than anything.

Cheers for the advice, think things are going well now.

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