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Firstly, just to refresh everyone's memory, my Leos' viv is a wooden 3ft (36"L x 18"W x 18"D), with the following kit:
  • Microclimate Heat Mat (406x305mm, [email protected])
  • Microclimate MiniStat 100 Thermostat
  • Bulb - 60watt R80 Diffused Reflector
  • x2 Exo Terra Digital Thermometer
Now to answer everyone's comments:

Originally Posted by tommivercetti View Post
When I use lights on my Leo's I use 15w bulbs in a 2 foot viv, any more and it's too warm. I have 8 vivs with Leo's in at the mo and none of them are on lights only heat mats. They are all happy and healthy with fat tails
15w, you say? Hmm...seems I'm way over-doing it, then. Might have to have a bit of an experiment with different wattages, and see what works best.

Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
I agree. It's nigh on impossible to have a decent gradient with a bulb in a 2ft viv, which a lot of leos live in. Bulbs raise the ambient temps too much
Hmm. Worth a think about. I only have one window in my attic, though, and the viv sits next to it with its back to the light, and though I have my room lights on quite a bit, it doesn't do much for them, so I do need to have a bulb in there for them to have some light.

Originally Posted by mscongeniality View Post
I put my Uro in a rat ball so he can run around the house. My Leos didn't seem to take to it, not to say yours won't. One of my Leos likes to run back and forth on the window ledge chasing the cars outside. He's not the brightest bulb in the box but we love him. His daughter is very active and likes to leap randomly, legs spread out like she's emulating some sort of flying squirrel. Other times she'll sit and have her back rubbed, arching it like a little cat. I think it all depends on the personality of your Leos. Some will curl up beside you, others are a bit more intrepid.
I tried the ball, and like yours, they didn't much take to it. Blitz would have a go for a bit, but would get bored with it and start scratching to be let out after a bit, while Stoick just didn't seem to get it, and would spin around looking for a way out, then start scratching.

Stoick does like to jump, too, and is the most active of them both and loves to explore; Blitz is a bit more quiet, and will sit tentatively with me for a bit, usually on my shoulder but sometimes behind my neck, or on my head if she can get up there, lol.

Thanks again for the advice, guys.
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