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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
The first lizard I had was a beardie. The first snake was a boa (bci). I still have both of them and still think they're fantastic. Others may think differently.

Beardies are not the easiest to look after. It's hardly rocket science, but there are other lizards that need less room, less extreme temperatures, less requirement for high intensity UV. Most other animals eat less than a growing beardie as well! Seriously, you are in for a big food bill when your beardie is growing. Probably 3 tubs of live insects a week, plus veg and supplements.

Most snakes are a doddle in comparison. My second snake was a burm. Also a good choice if you have the room and are not bothered by a having a snake that weighs as much as you do! They are my favourite snake to keep as a pet, though.
Agree with this 100%, similar to me my first lizard was a beardie, first snake was a burm and a boa came second.

Snakes are so much easier to keep than lizards in general but I love both
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