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A 3ft vivarium is too small, end of. I would love to offer a larger size than the 4x2x2 I have for my beardie but unfortunately don't have the room, the bigger the better. I don't care who disagrees, it is cruel to keep a full grown Beardie in a 3ft, You wont be able to achieve an ideal temperautre gradient which is crucial for an animal that thermoregulates, you'll also see yourself they'll look pretty cramped, fairly quickly. If you're buying a hatchling, these guys grow fast! Believe me. It's better to invest in a long term vivarium now, rather than buy one that's too small.

You need a UV strip light, the T5 Arcadias are the best on the market, the 12% is best for a Bearded Dragon, anything lower than a 10% UV is unsuitable. The UV 'bulbs' are rubbish as unless the Beardie is directly below them for the majority of the day, they're not receiving the benefits they need.

I would opt for a basking bulb, the light emitted will attract your Beardie and it's also far more natural replicating the sun. Heat mats/rocks should never be used. You can use a ceramic bulb over night but it's actually a lot healthier for your beardie to go without heating to, again, allow a natural night cool, which they would experience in the wild, the deserts these guys come from reach very, very low temperatures. Unless you live in a shed, I wouldn't worry about it being too cold for them. This needs to be set around 40-45c ideally, anything lower is too cool.

A lot of pet shops like to con good people into thinking particular set ups are appropiate for quick cash. I know a lot of good reputable shops and none of them would consider selling a Bearded Dragon to a 3ft.
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