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Originally Posted by Sarah47 View Post
Thanks guys but I'm committed to buying the kit from the shop now.
As has been said this is a shame. You will regret it. 250 is a lot of money to fork out to regret it in the end.

Place a deposit down for the BD if you are set on getting that one. Buy the viv and equipment separately online, you will have a better setup at a lower price and wont have to upgrade the viv down the line. You will then also have time to set it all up correctly before introducing the new inhabitant. The last thing you want to do is come home from the shop with your new beardy and a new viv, spend ages sorting it all out and hours and days fiddling to get everything right while completely stressing the hell out of your new pet. They need time to settle and this isn't going to happen if your constantly adjusting to get your temps correct which as said may prove difficult (although not impossible at all) in a 3ft viv.

You also have to think that if this is the setup the shop is recommending to you then do you really want to be buying from there? Fair enough if they're selling you a baby and you're informed that eventually you'll need a larger viv but as they're selling you an adult in a 3ft viv I'd be inclined not to trust their knowledge or honesty. To be fair they could just be ignorant and unaware of the proper care but c'mon, its a bearded dragon, if they can't recommend the correct care for that then again you should think twice about taking your custom there.

This isn't something you rush in to... As I've said you WILL regret your decision.

That's just my opinion, do with it what you will.
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