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I would go for a bulb over ceramic never know beardies to have ceramics more a snake thing (getting one for my ball python). As for your 3ft that's cool as a baby i had a 3 ft then upgraded to a 5ft a year later... But yea like the first post said keep reading and also watching your beardie you gain knowledge also the more you own them. Some people on here forget it's a VIEW do what you feel is right but also do it because you have done your research... People will probably swarm me for this view but i'v learnt to not always listen to people and go with my gut... Luckily i saved my beardie from dying... But also don't always listen to shops i'v received bad info from some pet shops... There is many contradictory views so just go with what you want... But i would go for the bulb over the ceramic only because i'v never heard of a beardie on a ceramic... And Enjoy

Just thought i would add I agree with no point in getting a 3ft btw because you will pay another 100 and odd for a bigger viv so you will be paying 350 in the long run.
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