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Originally Posted by Sarah47 View Post
Right. Ok.
Shopping list
4ft viv (cabinet style or tank?)
Basking light
UV T5 Arcadia
Ceramic bulb for night time
+ flooring, decoration etc
It doesn't have to be a 4x2x2, as long as its has the equivalent floor space its fine. People just recommend a 4x2x2 as its the simplest and most common dimensions. You'll want a wooden viv as glass vivs tend to allow more ventilation and are therefore harder to hold steady temps.

Any household spot/halogen bulb will do for heating, they are there solely to provide heat. You will be over paying for a reptile branded "basking bulb" and they are exactly the same, you just pay for the brand.

You shouldn't need a ceramic for nighttime heating in an insulated house. As long as your ambient room temps stay above 10c it'll be fine, as has been said a drop in temps at night is both healthy for a bd and natural.

Substrate choice is subjective, do the research and decide what's best for you. There are of course worries with compaction and loose substrates but it shouldn't be an issue if your husbandry is correct. I prefer to have both solid and loose flooring to give the best of both worlds. Like I said research and decide yourself.

You'll want an elevated basking zone, usually wooden branches or rocks are preffered. Something with varying heights to allow for a basking gradient of different temps.
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