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Default handleing my beardie

Hi all, am a first time bearded dragon keeper, ive had my little fellow for coming upto 1 week now.

He's not very skitish, dosent run when i come in the room or walk upto his viv, just sits there being nosey.
I can hand feed him meal worms, and he some times puts one leg on my hand whilst eating them.
He sometimes allows me to stroke his beard, sometimes his a little cautious and backs away a little, though when i attempt to pick him up he runs, which am sure is to be expected with him being a baby.
I dont chase him when he runs as i dont want to stress him out, though i havent held him since i put him in his viv nearly a week ago.
Should i carry on what am doing, hand feeding etc, and hope he gains my trust ? or should i keep trying to pick him up...

Here's Spike

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