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Originally Posted by ThommoCunningham View Post
Hey Nathanp,

to the Beardie owners club lol!!!

How are you attempting to "pick him up"? If you are trying to pick him up from above by grasping him he will be scittish (for all he knows you could be a predator trying to grab him).

Flat hand, palm up and either under his chest in front of his front legs and coax him onto your hand or under the belly. When I got my one at 8mths old he was used to being handled etc but I find he jumps or runs onto a little red hand towel I use for his bathing, don't know if he knows what it is or not but seems to entice him without a problem.
Thanks for the reply
I have been attempting to pick him up from above, which when you think about it is kinda stupid as you say i could be a predator.

I will try what you mentioned in the morning as the lights are off now.
Thanks for the advice
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