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Default New to community and New to geckos

We have had our leapard gecko for about 3 or 4 months now. Honestly he's really our second one but the first one died after about 3 weeks with us. We discovered he was sick when we bought him. I have a concern with him in general i guess. I noticed 2 days ago he has been just standing in one spot, moving just a little every now and then. And he is positioned oddly. His rear end is on the floor but the he has his upper torso lifted and head pointed upwards. It's like he's doing some gecko yoga or something. I did discover he is impacted as evidenced by the dark coloring on his belly. I just started doing warm water soaks last night. I also switched out his bedding and cleaned his cage with plain water. Does anyone know why he would be standing like this? Is it possibly BECAUSE he's impacted? Thank you so much!
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