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I'm thinking impaction because princess hasn't been moving around his tank at all, not eating and hasn't drank any water for some time. In my area we don't really have any vets that are specific to lizards. We have only found one that "has an interest" in caring for them. I can call her on monday and see what she has to say but otherwise I think i will find better help here. We have princess in a 10 gal tank. We used to have coconut fibers as a substrate but I felt that he may have been ingesting some of it so I switched it out last night to just paper towels. He has a small hidey log and a larger rock-style hide. I've kinda left most of the care to my husband until now. He has a single thermometer in the tank. As for heat sources he has only used overhead lighting. we have a day lamp and a night lamp. They get turned off and on at about 6am and 8pm. I am talking my husband into an underpad to heat the tank more evenly. We currently have the tank in our living room, which is the warmest room in the house and the tank is in line with the heater (not direct heat but the way the air blows, the tank is in a good spot to catch that warmth). We have been mostly feeding Princess crickets from the local pet store. We tried some worm things that they had available but my gecko wouldn't touch them. I will get a picture and post it here shortly.
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