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Originally Posted by Sarah47 View Post
Ok. Just bought a beautiful 4ft wood vivarium. I'm going to put a light fitting in for the reflector bulb. Can I buy just any from a DIY shop? Does it have to be a special one. It's not for a ceramic bulb just a 60w reflector bulb. Plus does it need to be 100w or will 60w be ok? Thanks
Firstly, well done on heeding the advice given and buying the 4ft straight off. Seeing as its a low wattage bulb you will probably get away with a regular plastic fitting. I myself however use ceramic bulb holders just to be sure as they can get quite hot especially if on full whack. THIS is an example of what I use. Bulb wattage depends on ambient room temps however I would imagine 60w will be plenty, it usually is. Try a 60w and go up in increments if needed until you're happy.

If you're using a dimmer stat then remember you want to have the bulb dimmed as little as possible so it remains bright, if it is dimming too much then you either need to reduce bulb wattage or increase the distance between the bulb and basking spot.
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