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Originally Posted by tomcannon View Post
Agh. I hate that question. Its a really difficult one to answer and people differ in their views. It also depends on which stat you have.

Chances are (unless you're buying one of the new digital stats) your stat will not allow the probe to get up to above 32-34c. This means if you place the probe directly on the basking spot it will dim the bulb at 32-34c so will not allow the basking spot to get up to a high enough temp. So obviously for this reason you can't place the probe there.

So, you have to place it further away from the bulb. This means the bulb will only dim once the probe location has hit the temp you've chosen on the stat. If you place it just outside the basking zone then chances are it'll be far enough away to get the basking spot to a high enough temp 41-45c. Because it is fairly close to the bulb it will have good quick control over the basking temp, any slight fluctuation in temps at the basking spot will result in the stat acting accordingly. However, if for some reason the cool end where to get too hot then the probe would of course not pick this up being located in the hot end so the stat will effectively have limited control over the cool end temps.

You could of course place the stat probe in the cool end to get around this. If you did this and set the stat to say 25 then it would ensure your cool end never rises above this temp (within reason) so would ensure that your dragon always has a cool place to go to if it needed, which is very important as of course it will mean you never overheat your dragon. However, with your stat probe in the cool end it has less control over the basking temp. For example, when your viv is warming up the bulb will be on full whack and the basking spot could reach extremely high, possibly dangerous temps and with the probe in the cool end the stat will not recognise this until the cool end reaches the set temp on the stat, only then will it dim the bulb.

Its a catch 22 really and you need to decide yourself what works best for you. What I will recommend again is its very important to use the correct wattage bulb. As I said you want a bulb which is basically always at near enough full power when at your set temp. This means that even if something were to go wrong and the bulb were to go constantly on to full whack it will be little different to how it is controlled by the stat so it will not become dangerously hot. If you have a unsuitably high wattage bulb then it will firstly dim to much when its reached desired temp as it doesn't have to work much and if something were to go wrong it would drastically increase in temp becoming dangerous!

Sorry for all the text, it really is a difficult explanation and there's a lot to cover. I hope it isn't to confusing. Don't be to put off, a lot of it comes down to first hand experience which is why I suggested getting the viv all set up way before bringing home your dragon.
Have you seen the new habistat high range dimmer stats? I assume the probe would go in the basking end? They go up to 40c
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