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Default Setting up a terrarium for frogs

Hello, my name is Joe, had all kinds of pets all my life, from chipmunks to fish, eels to horses and snakes to lizards. however, moved to Cornwall some years ago and have found finding a decent pet supplier quite hard to come by (don't drive either which is a major issue). Recently i've decided to get back into one of my passions which was having frogs, always loved them whether i had tree frogs or the one's that i built habitats for in my garden (managed to attract albino one's at some point)

anyway, i've decided i want to get some whites tree frogs and have been doing a lot of searching for the perfect starter kit (like i said, it's been YEARS since i've kept them as a child). I cam across the exo terra medium rainforest kit and thought this was a good place to start but have struggled to find it online in the uk, only one website has it (shelledwarrior ?) for around 115, other than that the exo terra congo kit, but this does not include the decor, around 80. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of anywhere that does the rainforest medium kit, or offer me some great advice to starting up a frog terrarium ? also been wondering about the possibility of starting up a 'live' terrarium, i understand this isn't necessarily a beginner thing to do. I've got alot of reading to do. i've researched a little but not extensively but with a 'live' terra, what is the cleaning out process because i don't want to really be buying plants and throwing them away every month (obv if they are dead i will, but do not want to if healthy), as i understand fake terra's need a clean out every month or so. [edited to say] i'm looking at a 45x45x60

one other issue i am currently also thinking over is waterfall and fogger/misting. Was leaning more towards having a Monsoon system in place or the zoo med repti fogger, but still unsure which one would be better for my terra. Would a waterfall add to my frogs experience ? also would having a waterfall with a rain/fogger be okay ?

My idea is to get the terrarium and set it up (either live or fake) and get it setup completely perfect and fully researched before even getting the frogs, because i want to make sure it is as perfect as possible for them and that i am also fully prepared. I understand i've posted a rather long and rambling post full of questions, but whilst i could probably set it up and be away with it tomorrow, I'd rather be prepared fully and get some great advice from people far more experienced than myself

thank you for reading (and hopefully responding aha)

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