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Most lizard keepers do get used to insects, even if they never actually like them. Insects can be handles with tweezers so you seldom have to touch them.

What choice of lizard you make will depend on what you actually want from it and what your circumstances are. Things to consider between the two are:

Beardies are awake in the day, they are often more handlable than cresties, they need a much bigger enclosure and are more expensive to keep. Need a lot of insects as youngsters - some as adults.

Cresties are awake evenings / night, some can tame down and be well handled, can be kept in a smaller enclosure and far less heat required. Can be fed powdered CGD.

There are many other lizards available. How about a Uromastyx or Chuckwalla?

Eublepharis macularius 7.18
Timon lepidus 2.1
Lygodactylus williamsi 4.0
Teratoscincus roborowski 1.0
Phelsuma grandis 2.2
Bellatorias frerei 1.2
Pogona vitticeps 1.0
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