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Cool thanks for the advise guys,
I've not bought the gecko yet, or picked one, had a look at a few locally. Gonna get a juvenile but not a baby one, the ones i've seen are about 3-4".
I've got a digital temp and hygrometer coming this week so will set it up and carefully monitor temps over the following week. The living room is warmish during the day and always warm at night with the heating on, just concerned about it dipping during the night in these current temps. Will try bravin gettin up with no heating on one morning that'll give me an indication of what its like in the early hours.
I work away 1 or 2 days in the week, so thought the fogger would be a good idea to set on a timer to keep the tank humid for it. (also the main reason for choosing a Crested as opposed to Leopard so can put some food out the morning i go away and change it the next day when i return, rather than havin to feed crickets every day)
Will not bother with the heat rock then. If the tank dips during the night would a heat matt be better?
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