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Originally Posted by tropical_shark View Post
I'm not sure if this has been pointed out or how people feel about this. But there is always second hand equipment. For our bearded dragon we paid 40 for the viv, obviously disinfected it first. I know that in my area, the local reptile rescue/rehoming centre currently has a huge issue with bearded dragons. I think they have something like 21 that need rehoming and they are always on hand for advice (good advice). We got ours from here and he has his own story! I also know that Gumtree (again locally) always seems to have people selling baby bearded dragons or complete setup with animals for cheaper than 250 just another avenue to think about.

Again this does depend on how you feel about rehoming. I'm personally all for it as long as the animal is healthy. Actually it's how I got all my animals.
i agree with this apart from the second hand viv buying.. it may work it may not but i like to be sure there is absolutly no chnce of any of my reps getting any infections or mites or any illness at all.

even with disinfecting.

back to the op ha,

looks like you have been given some great advice from these guys as usual i would listen to them, im not a hater of pet stores but some do tend to just sell you crap, and it usually works out more expensive haha.

at least you have some good links to order from now because this will not be your last reptile haha :P

good luck and post some pics of the new addition when you get him/her

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