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For a beardie, you need temps of around 140f basking.

To get that, you will need a 100w which packs out plenty of heat. In order to cope with the heat, PLEASE dont use a normal fitting from the local DIY.

The link to the stuff in the ebay sale is what you need, but I would add some fire board between the fitting and the viv.

You will get some say its over kill, but I know quite a few with burnt vivs, and even one or two with burnt homes, due to not dealing with the heat. The costs of these bits is not high, and its sure a lot less than you could be looking at.

As far as a stat, I dont know any stat that works as high as 140f designed for reptile use.

Only problem you may get is not getting a gradient in the viv due to it being 4 foot.
If it gets to hot, pop a 75 w reflector or even a 60w. Thermometer is way more useful in a beardie set up than a stat.
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