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Ouchies, 3 foot viv isn't really big enough honey, I know he'll be little when you get him but you need to be able to get the right temperature gradient across the tank, and thats not easy In a 3 footer, so worth considering a larger tank (4x2x2 is the minimum for an adult beardie)

As far as lighting goes, you want your fluorescent tube about a foot shorter than your viv, so 24 inches if you decide to keep the 3 foot for now. I'll get in there before anyone else on the lighting- Arcadia's T5 units come very highly recommended around here, but I personally use the T8. You want a 10-12% UVB output.

Depending on what light bulb you're using, you don't really need the ceramic Hun- a regular halogen spotlight bulb will give enough heat for a basking spot, and that'll provide enough heat for your 'hot end' especially in a viv that small.
Don't forget how cold the dessert gets at night- unless he's living in the garden, he should be plenty warm enough overnight without any extra heat source, they do need a drop.

Sorry to bang on, getting my first very soon as we'll and have spent months researching the best possible set ups ;-)
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