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Default Bearded dragon Guidance!

So i recently purchased a lovely bearded dragon off a friend of mine who will be moving away over to america. I've had her for about 2 weeks now. For whatever reason this week she hasn't eaten alot, A few nibbles of veg here and there. And very few hoppers compared to when i had her the first week.

Also noticed a change in her behavior this current week. She's been insanely active running around up and down the vivarium and she sits at the glass looking at me. I get her out every night at roughly 6pm for about an hour for her to get some exercise but i've never seen her this active before.

On a side note inside the vivarium i have a Long 24 inch Fluorescent lighting(reptile specific), 150w Basking light and this Purple light. Is this purple light a Night light (Provides heat without being too bright to cause stress/stop the bearded dragon from sleeping or is this a UV A/B bulb)

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