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Originally Posted by Bizzo View Post
Shes 3 years old or so i've been told. The temp under the bask is about 98F (rough estimate). That purple bulb, is that for day or night? I've kept the bulb timers how he gave them too me. Also advice at night? The fluorescent bulb turns off and that purple turns on and the basking light stays on too but wouldnt that stress my dragon out? (Shes called puff)

Rough estimates are no good when dealing with any reptile. Place your thermometer probe directly under your spot bulb in the basking zone (the hottest part) and get the reading back to us. If it is 35c 8" away and you have a cold ambient room temp then I imagine the basking temp could be far too high which could be a reason for wanting out of the viv. Do you find she is basking much?

You shouldn't have any light sources on at night. You shouldn't need any nighttime heat source unless your house is really cold, as long as its above 10c it'll be fine. If you do need night time heating I'd advise getting a ceramic in place for the blue bulb, stat it at 15c.

What make and percentage is your uv and when was it last changed?

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