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Originally Posted by Bizzo View Post
Alright so putting the digital thermometer about 8 inch directly below the basking bulb i reads at 33 Degrees. And no she's not basking much, she spends alot of time in the middle on a climbing rock (Not heated just a rock). Shes been acting weird lately just constantly running up and down the vavarium and under the basking light she keeps digging away the sand in one corner. Never seen her do this before
Oh my apologies. By "8" away" I thought you meant to the left or right of the basking spot, not 8" from bulb! In that case your basking temps are too low and need to increase your temps by roughly 10c, you're aiming for 41-43c roughly at the basking spot. This however probably doesn't relate to this behaviour however I don't think high activity levels is specifically anything to worry about if your setup is sound. Are you sure this isn't her natural behaviour and before this she was simply more lethargic as she was settling in?

Lack of appetite could well be down to the cooler than needed temps to digest food properly. Lack of basking and digging could well be signs of something else though. It could possibly be brumation but you shouldn't assume this until everything is covered first. Knock those temps up and see if there's any change in activity, feeding and basking. Be sure that your cool end temp doesn't increase at all though, 29c is in my opinion a little high anyway, not necessarily dangerous but you wouldn't want it any hotter and if anything would be better dropping it by a couple of degrees.

As I said what make and percentage is your uv and when was it last replaced?
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