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Originally Posted by Bizzo View Post
Well its pretty hot in there now as its reading 38 degrees. On the cool side its still pretty warm for whatever reason still sitting at 29 degrees. I contact my friend through facebook and he said they were both changed (Fluorescent and the purple bulb were changed about3 months ago) and i have no idea on percentage.
Ok, how come its increasing in temp then? Have you moved anything around or just waiting for the temp to settle on the thermometer? Like I said you want roughly 41-43 under basking down to a gradient of roughly 25c in the cool end. How large is your viv? You could try moving your basking spot closer to the bulb to increase basking temps while maintaining cool side temps and also add more ventilation to the cool side to bring temps down. Also decreasing the output via the stat will bring the cool side temp down. You can then move your basking spot closer to the bulb as suggested as your basking temp Will too be affected by this. What wattage bulb is it?

The uv should say make and percentage on the tube. You want at very least a 10% with a bearded dragon, where is it mounted? Does it have a reflector?
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