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Originally Posted by cat987 View Post
Hi everyone,

Me and my partner are interested in buying 2 bearded dragons. We are both all new to this and would like some info and advice off people if possible? few things would like to know is:

1. Is it best to buy two babies from young even though wont know the sex and as they grow older would they be territorial if they ended up being 2 males for instance?

2. What is the minimum size vivarium you can have for 2 dragons?

Have seen many different colours and breeds of dragons all abit confusing to me at the moment lol am quite liking the citrus and red leatherbacks i think if im correct if anyone got any pictures of them to show me would be most grateful


cat xx
I wouldn't recommend buying two babies unless you were going to separate them down the line. With m/m pairings they will fight, simple as that. M/f pairings could still result in fights or at least constant harassment by the male to breed, resulting in further issues, malnourished, calcium depleted, constantly gravid female. F/f pairings can work however its totally dependant on the dragons in question. Unless you have a large viv to house them in, plus a second viv fully setup in case you have to separate plus a good amount of spare cash in case of likely vets bills I wouldn't recommend it.

Viv size for two dragons should in my opinion be at very very least 6x2x2 or equivalent floor space. You will need to allow for two basking spots and areas that they can get away from each other. If I was going to try cohabiting I would try to have a viv roughly 6x3x3 or larger.
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