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Originally Posted by cat987 View Post
Hi Tom,

Thankyou for your reply tbh it didnt even cross my mind about 2 basking spots, sounds easier to just get the one then would of been nice to have two but like you say if dont get on etc get run into problems. im taking it you have bearded dragons? Have just looked at your links you sent, the buliding of the viv looks very impressive when would the final product be complete and how much?

cat xx
I do indeed. The links in my sig I assume you mean? I'm literally about to head off to the shed once I've finished my cuppa to do what I hope will be the final bits of work. Then it'll be a few days to allow all to dry, sand it all down smooth, make sure there's nothing I've missed, then its finished.

I'll be looking for offers around the 400 mark. I understand this is expensive but it isn't when you consider the money and time put in to it and the fact that a basic 4x2x2 setup will cost you about 150 to get to the same point once you've considered heating, feeding/water bowls, decor, substrate etc.
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