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Originally Posted by tomcannon View Post
I do indeed. The links in my sig I assume you mean? I'm literally about to head off to the shed once I've finished my cuppa to do what I hope will be the final bits of work. Then it'll be a few days to allow all to dry, sand it all down smooth, make sure there's nothing I've missed, then its finished.

I'll be looking for offers around the 400 mark. I understand this is expensive but it isn't when you consider the money and time put in to it and the fact that a basic 4x2x2 setup will cost you about 150 to get to the same point once you've considered heating, feeding/water bowls, decor, substrate etc.
Brilliant will you put a pic up when its complete interested in having a look. i 400 is very reasonable like you say the time and money put in and so far does look amazing!! i shall speak to my partner when he gets home. So excited when i can finally get set up xx
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