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Originally Posted by mxjay View Post
Hi Cat, the pics don't really do them any justice, the colours are much brighter in real life plus they are heading into shed at the moment.

The little yellow girl, Lola is a Hypo Citrus Tiger, I think.

The big red girl, Mia is a Hypo Rainbow Tiger, I think.

I think that's what morphs they are but not 100% sure, I'm no expert, maybe someone who knows better than me could call it better.

This is where they came from, Where Dragons Dwell
They are beautiful tho, would like some colour and markings on mine when i get them. just checked out that website wow they have lovely ones in. have just emailed the company as unsure how it works as noticed price in euros and they ship them? just been out and about to get some more info myself lol waiting for my partner to get home so we can go out again lol. Have found a 4ft vivarium on ebay for 300 that the man in shop said a bargain comes with everything Viv Exotic Vivarium - Tortoises / Bearded Dragon / Gecko / Snake / Lizard / Frog | eBay if you would mind having a look would you say its suitable as unsure with the basking bulb etc?

cat xxx
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