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Originally Posted by mxjay View Post
The viv is ok but there is things you will not need, heat rock is a no no, can burn beardies, heats mats are no use for beardies, you will also need a uv tube 3/4 the length of the viv and a controller to power it.

If I was you I would stick with Tom, very enthusiastic keeper and viv builder, he knows his stuff.

Here a link on the basic setup, these guy are over in Northampton and can build you custom vivs.

Reptile Supplies | Live Food | Vivariums | The Reptile Centre

Video on setup

Looking to keep Bearded Dragons as pets? | Northampton Reptile Centre

Thankyou for that, yea ill keep away from that one then lol, that link you gave me is very useful me and my partner going to go there on monday. xx
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